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Home Care Simplified

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 Comfort LAN Stays is a property management company.

Our company guarantees professional property management, minimal vacancies, and on-time payments. CLS was started to provide a quality management company for properties and clients acting as the liaison between the two. CLS unlocks the possibilities of how we enjoy vacation homes.



 Comfort LAN Stays partners with major companies such as Airbnb, VRBO, Grainger, and others to bring the best contractors in to professionally maintain your space. Comfort LAN Stays commits to the upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance of all units. All properties are protected from damage with a 2-million-dollar insurance policy. 

We found that our clients experience the same struggles, finding the right tenant to occupy your space.  We believe the best vacations are in local communities and we strive for a positive impact. Performance-driven solutions are available at the homeowner’s fingertips. Comfort LAN Stays' goal is to make home care simplified.

  • Who Qualifies?
    Property owners, property managers, hotel owners, private equity funds, and apartment managers are perfect candidates for our services.
  • What happens if my home experiences damages?
    All properties are covered by a $2-million dollar insurance policy to cover any possible damages to your home.
  • Will I be responsible for maintaining my home?
    Comfort LAN Stays will be responsible for managing the upkeep of all properties under contract.
  • Will I have access to my home?
    Yes! Data will be available for all clients on their units and from there you can analyze the availability to determine when it would be appropriate for you to access your home.
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